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#1. I don't have time to be depressed. - Author: Pat Nixon
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#2. There is one passage in the Scriptures to which all the potentates of Europe seem to have given their unanimous assent and approbation ... "There went out a decree in the days of Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed." - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#3. These little grey cells. It is up to them. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#4. Films go into vaults, art into museums, and music into halls of fame. Most fashion is worn for a few seasons and off-loaded into the recycling bin or, worse, some landfill. - Author: Robin Givhan
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#5. It is the act of reading itself that I miss, the opportunity to retreat further and further from the world until I have found some space, some air that isn't stale, that hasn't been breathed by my family a thousand times already. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#6. Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is - no matter what form it takes - you are still, you are at peace. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#7. Force yourself to simplify every initiative, every product, every marketing, everything you do. - Author: Keith Rabois
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#8. The saddest part about being human is not paying attention. Presence is the gift of life. - Author: Stephen Levine
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#9. I saw the lovely arch Of rainbow span the sky, The gold sun burning As the rain swept by. - Author: Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
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#10. If it weren't for the law, I would steal books; if it weren't for my purse, I would buy them. - Author: Harold Laski
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#11. Good, that's a job well done," Grishmak said cheerfully. "Am I the only one who's hungry? - Author: Stuart Hill
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#12. You're what gives me strength. If I am what centers you, Nikki, then you are what anchors me. Every time I touch you, every time I bury myself deep inside you - Nikki, don't you see?
You are the talisman of my life, and if I lose my grip on you, then I have lost myself. - Author: J. Kenner
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