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#1. Naturally, Cinder got some on her gown - a smear of yellow frosting on the enormous skirt. She was mortified until Iko adjusted the skirt so the folds would hide it. "It was inevitable," Iko said with a wink. "It's part of your charm." Cinder - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#2. Only, sometimes, in the text of a book here and there, we tap the page with a finger and say, This is what my lost days were like. Something like this. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#3. We must not let the things we can't do keep us from doing the things we can do. - Author: Richard L. Evans
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#4. In time, you'll come to understand that a state like ours cannot afford to offer up a show of weakness for honesty's sake. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#5. You ought not to be rude to an eagle, when you are only the size of a hobbit, and are up in his eyrie at night! - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#6. Young man the simple answer is: land, land and land. No-one gives up land. Ever. - Author: Munir Butt
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#7. Where do you draw the line as a human being? Written record is only, what, a couple thousand years? And this scientific revolution is less than a hundred years. And computers only a few decades! We've changed so much. It's amazing, the speed of changes. - Author: Hiroshi Sugimoto
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#8. (He) feels (his) words reach him. They slide beneath his orange uniform and touch his bones. - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#9. I probably watch movies more than I actually listen to music, I think. - Author: Sune Rose Wagner
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#10. No matter how children came to be living with just one parent, they need to be told, again and again, that your family's configuration is the result of an adult decision or an act of fate that has nothing whatsoever to do with them. - Author: Margaret Kennedy
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#11. We as a church don't have a mission. The mission has a Church. - Author: Reggie McNeal
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#12. Names have been further distinguished into univocal and aequivocal: these, however, are not two kinds of names, but two different modes of employing names. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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