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#1. If a State has reliable scientific information that demonstrates that a warning is needed for a particular food, then in the interest of public health, it should share that information with the FDA and petition for a new national standard. - Author: Nathan Deal
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#2. The cloud of mind is discharging its collected lightning. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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#3. In the entire first Christian century Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman historian, religion scholar, politician, philosopher or poet. His name never occurs in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references! - Author: Bart D. Ehrman
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#4. I would never require anyone to read any book. That seems antithetical to why we read - which is to choose a book for our personal reasons. I always shudder when I'm told my books are on required reading lists. - Author: Amy Tan
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#5. The moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan.' - Author: Bryan Adams
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#6. Since we astronomers are priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it befits us to be thoughtful, not of the glory of our minds, but rather, above all else, of the glory of God. - Author: Johannes Kepler
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#7. Everybody has a finite amount of energy and limits to what he or she can do. Listen to your body. It will talk to you if you're willing to listen. - Author: Phyllis George
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#8. Don't wait for someone else's magic. Pick up your own want and start waving it around. - Author: Buffy Stainte-Marie
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#9. But we're the ones who choose, in the end, how people see us. - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#10. I don't think baseball could survive without all the statistical appurtenances involved in calculating pitching, hitting and fielding percentages. Some people could do without the games as long as they got the box scores. - Author: John M. Culkin
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#11. She was his princess. No. She was his goddess. With her golden skin and golden hair. She was his light. His life. His everything.
He loved her more than anything else in this world. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
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#12. Espionage and counterespionage go together like horse and carriage. - Author: Charles McCarry
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#13. When I came to Congress, I came to bring what I thought was a real-world business perspective to government because, in the business world, I spent over 20 years in the high-tech industry, but it certainly was not unique. - Author: Melissa Bean
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