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Top 72 Acne's Quotes

#1. Be honest, Do I give off a vibe that says 'No, handsome stud, I don't want you to make a pass at me,' while at the same time communicating, 'Hello there, acne-ridden dwarf. Promise me we'll meet again. - Author: Melissa Kantor
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#2. Kanye West talks about being Axl Rose, being Kurt Cobain, being Jim Morrison. Adam Levine is selling acne ointment to teenagers. - Author: Ian Astbury
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#3. While pimples are not as simple as too much milk or sugar in your diet, both have a significant impact. Nutritional deficiencies as well as excesses can worsen acne. - Author: Mark Hyman
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#4. All that crap about time being a great healer is bullshit. Time heals nothing. Well, acne maybe. - Author: Saurbh Katyal
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#5. We don't need a point, son. We're juvenile, we're dirty, we don't have girls, we have noses full of snot, throats sore as hell, we've got scabs on us, we suffer bouts of acne, we've got no girls ... What more reasons do we need? - Author: Markus Zusak
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#6. He looked like a big baby goose with acne. This - Author: Neil Strauss
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#7. Acne is nothing more than nature's Braille. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#8. He wore pointy-toed leather shoes, designer pants that were way too tight, and a god-awful silk shirt with the top three buttons open. Maybe he thought he looked like a groovy love god, but the guy couldn't have weighed more than ninety pounds, and he had a bad case of acne. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#9. Everyone on staff seemed to realize that _Chips Ahoy!_ was like the chest acne of children's television, best covered up in the hope of growing out of it soon. - Author: Alison Umminger
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#10. I'd designed my avatar's face and body to look, more or less, like my own. My avatar had a slightly smaller nose than me, and he was taller. And thinner. And more muscular. And he didn't have any teenage acne. But aside from these minor details, we looked more or less identical. - Author: Ernest Cline
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#11. To be born into this world exactly the way it is, into these exact circumstances, even if that meant not having a dad or an ozone layer, even if it included pets that would die and acne and seventh=grade dances and AIDS. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#12. And a smaller, sad, little-dead-poet sphere with acne scars spins around us lighting the night ... - Author: N.D. Wilson
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#13. The acne thing was bad. The shoulders, the face, my voice changed. I had a period every other week. - Author: Kelli White
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#14. I've been blessed, acne never knocked on my door. I think I look pretty darn good. - Author: Deborah Norville
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#15. Epics have this habit of treating physics like something that happens to other people, like acne and debt. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#16. I had acne late, in college. My skin used to be really flawless. Went to college, became a vegetarian, ate a lot of cheese - big mistake. Here I am trying to be healthy and I'm eating grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries every day, having mad eruptions all over my face. - Author: Wesley Snipes
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#17. In Breeze's business one got used to running across the skeletons in people's closets. If Billy's skeleton wore women's underwear, it didn't really matter. Homosexuality on Billy Winston was like acne on a leper. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#18. I had just started ninth grade when I got my acne. And I had braces. I wouldn't look people in the eye. It was not a good time for me - it just killed my self-esteem. I thought when I didn't look at someone, they couldn't see my face. - Author: Kendall Jenner
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#19. The first time I was given money to shop for myself, I was 13 and staying with my godmother in New York. I went to Clinique and bought the three-step acne programme and felt so grown-up. - Author: Trinny Woodall
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#20. Puberty was not kind to me. I had acne, eczema and had a stye in my eye, so it was quite hard to go in to somewhere where the majority were boys. At that age, they were quite vocal about what they thought of your looks. - Author: Sophie Wu
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#21. When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing that had to go was the acne medicine and chemical-filled face washes and lotions. I made sure everything was natural and organic, and I started reading blogs by other pregnant women. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#22. My ability to turn good news into anxiety is rivaled only by my ability to turn anxiety into chin acne. - Author: Tina Fey
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#23. Wayne," I said to Cassie, while we were getting him a Sprite and watching him pick his acne in the one-way glass. "Why didn't his parents just tattoo 'Nobody in my family has ever finished secondary school' on his forehead at birth? - Author: Tana French
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#24. Yeah, right," Minho said. "And Frypan's gonna start having little babies, Winston'll get rid of his monster acne, and Thomas here'll actually smile for once."
Thomas turned to Minho and exaggerated a fake smile. "There, you happy?"
"Dude," he responded. "You are one ugly shank. - Author: James Dashner
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#25. I used to have acne when I was a kid growing up. You can imagine how serious that was in making you feel bad. And I had skinny bow legs. I mean, as a kid growing up, I was an insecure fella. - Author: Mike Wallace
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#26. Physics is like acne. The more you scratch, the more it expands.... - Author: Shikha Kaul
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#27. If you want to destroy something in this life, be it acne, a blemish or the human soul, all you need to do is to surround it with thick walls. It will dry up inside. - Author: Elif Safak
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#28. You're lucky you had that when you were 20. I sure didn't. I was overweight, and I had acne. - Author: Carly Simon
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#29. Jack Palance was my distant uncle - that's the family gossip. Growing up, my family knew everything about his face getting burned and scarred in the military and how that mutilation led him to become such a famous 'heavy' in films. I prayed for good scars of my own. Not just acne scars. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#30. One fall day in Boston, a tall mechanical engineering student named Joe entered the student union at Harvard University. He was all ambition and acne - Author: Dan Ariely
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#31. Acne is a bigger problem than injuries. - Author: Brian Clough
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#32. I'm kinda stuck in that awkward in-between stage where my hair is just starting to fall out, but I'm still maintaining my youthful acne. - Author: Greg Fitzsimmons
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#33. I'm an ugly girl,
My face makes you hurl,
Sad I have it,
I should bag it.
Acne everywhere,
Unwanted facial hair.
I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation. - Author: Al Yankovic
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#34. Ksubi' - the Australian jean brand, they're one of my favourite brands of just clothes and stuff, and the Swedish brand 'Acne', but other than that, not at this point in time designing. I wouldn't mind collab'n with those guys though. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#35. It seems that for many the cure to acne is at the end of their fork, not in a prescription pad. - Author: Mark Hyman
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#36. I don't think we can afford to emulate the beauty editors of fashion magazines, airbrushing out blemishes and hawking a political ideal in which progressive people have no acne, no stupid remarks. - Author: Anna Bondoc
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#37. As a kid I had buck teeth and braces and acne. I hated what I saw. I'm still not comfortable, but that's why I change and adapt the way I look. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#38. Acne affects the skin's oil glands, which can over produce an oil called 'sebum'. - Author: Miles Reise
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#39. Altruism is a brief phase through which some adolescents must pass. It is rather like acne. Happily, as with acne, only a few are permanently scarred. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#40. Women with PCOS typically have signs of hyperandrogenism, the most frequent of which are hirsutism and acne. Hirsutism is - Author: E. Reece
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#41. My poetry had the same functional origin and the same formal configuration as teenage acne. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#42. If you want to destroy something, be it a blemish, acne or the human soul, all you need to do is surround it with walls. - Author: Elif Shafak
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#43. When your name is really and truly Percy Blakeney, pronounced 'Black-knee', and you still have bad acne in your twenties, you accept Pimple as a nickname and are grateful that it wasn't anything worse. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#44. Yep those are goosebumps. Or a bad case of arm acne. Or as I call it, armcne. - Author: Daniel Waters
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#45. For clothes, I like Dover Street Market and Acne. For vintage, I go to Mint just off Seven Dials. For shoes, it's Church's and Russell & Bromley. - Author: Matt Smith
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#46. I don't want to return to the past. I don't yearn for when I was 18 years old. I was in high school then. I had acne. I had a terrible hairdo. I'm sure I was sporting polyester pants. - Author: Joe Scarborough
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#47. Whenever I hear the word 'breakout,' I associate it with acne. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
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#48. To enter a room is to move from one environment to another and that, for the teenager, can be traumatic. There be dragons, daily horrors from acne to zit. - Author: Frank McCourt
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#49. The word "geek" today does not mean what it used to mean. A geek isn't the skinny kid with a pocket protector and acne. There can be computer geeks, video game geeks, car geeks, military geeks, and sports geeks. Being a geek just means that you're passionate about something. - Author: Olivia Munn
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#50. I had horrible acne when I was a kid. I felt like a complete and utter ne'er do well and someone who didn't fit in and wasn't handsome. So, I understand implicitly, and with a great amount of empathy, a man or human being that feels that way. - Author: Chris Pine
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#51. You know that you have officially HIT at total midlife crisis when you get acne on your wrinkles. - Author: Tanya Masse
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#52. The Bungalow 4 counselor was a twenty-year-old college student named Eric who had terrible acne and wrote poems about the local girls who worked in the kitchen and how their breasts looked lonely but also beautiful, like melted ice cream. - Author: Kelly Link
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#53. I spent most of my life locked in my bedroom, miserable about my raging acne. - Author: Moon Unit Zappa
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#54. If I have to draw attention away from some hormone-induced acne on my chin, I put on a lot of mascara. - Author: Olivia Wilde
Acne's Quotes #1466967
#55. Standing at the original Victorian counter was a man in a long black leather coat. His hair had been grown to counteract its unequivocal retreat from the top of his head, and was fashioned into a mean, frail ponytail that hung limply down his back. Blooms of acne highlighted his vampire-white skin. - Author: Julia Stuart
Acne's Quotes #1487478
#56. At thirteen, I thought more about my acne than I did about God or world peace. At thirteen, many girls spend more time in front of a mirror than they do on their studies. Small flaws become obsessions. Bad hair can ruin a day. A broken fingernail can feel tragic. - Author: Mary Pipher
Acne's Quotes #1487484
#57. I'm basically a sexless geek. Look at me, I have pasty-white skin, I have acne scars and I'm five-foot-nothing. Does that sound like a real sexual dynamo to you? - Author: Mike Myers
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#58. Once there was a time
when I had jock itch .
It itchedbad. Then it
turned to acne. I chose
'Pig's Valve' - Mariah Carey: The Early Poems - Author: Mariah Carey
Acne's Quotes #1507836
#59. I would not trade any of these features for anybody else's. I wouldn't trade the small thin-lipped mouth that makes me resemble my nephew. I wouldn't even trade the acne scar on my right cheek, because that recurring zit spent more time with me in college than any boy ever did. - Author: Tina Fey
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#60. Over the years, Leila had come to believe that politicians were literally made of special stuff, chemically different stuff. The senator was flabby and bad-haired and acne-scarred and yet completely magnetic. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#61. When the subtle physical body is damaged you will begin to notice changes in your skin, you skin starts to get gnarly or dry. I'm not speaking of acne. Acne means you have a lot of kundalini, which stimulates hormones. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#62. An new idea is rarely born like Venus attended by graces. More commonly it's modeled of baling wire and acne. More commonly it wheezes and tips over. - Author: Marge Piercy
Acne's Quotes #1630404
#63. Acne may be good at destroying self-confidence, but Proactiv+ is good at destroying acne. - Author: Adam Levine
Acne's Quotes #1632542
#64. Hope was a pathological part of puberty, like acne and surging hormones. You might sound cynical to the world, but that was just a defense mechanism, cover up coating a zit, because it was too embarrassing to admit that in spite of the bum deals you kept getting you hadn't completely given up. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Acne's Quotes #1688590
#65. I developed acne when I was about 19, at the beginning of my modeling career. I didn't have the huge cystic-type of acne, but a lot of little bumps all over my face. They were small, but you could see them in photographs. You can't have acned skin and work as a model. - Author: Jennifer Flavin
Acne's Quotes #1709421
#66. Head gear, plus acne equals ... table for one in the cafeteria. - Author: Zach Galifianakis
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#67. The man was remarkably . . . well, homely. Ugly, not to put too fine a point on it. His face was deeply pitted with scars, obviously the victim of a terrible case of adolescent acne. He wore horn-rimmed glasses and had thinning brown hair, round shoulders, a pigeon chest. - Author: Joseph Finder
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#68. I came out of the make-up trailer with 400 whiteheads on my face and they were like, "Kristen, come on!" I was like, "What? It's realistic! I had whiteheads in high school," and they were like, "No, let's just go with regular, standard, run of the mill acne." - Author: Kristen Bell
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#69. I have serious adult acne, am almost legally blind and have to work at controlling my weight. - Author: Georgette Mosbacher
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#70. I used to have terrible acne on my face: red, splotchy discoloration. And mucus - I was constantly blowing my nose. Then one day, this woman sits down next to me on a bus, and says, 'You're lactose-intolerant.' It all cleared up in three days. That changed my life. Doctors couldn't figure it out. - Author: Woody Harrelson
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#71. I had a terrible bout of acne after I turned 30. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#72. Take control over your skin by using an acne treatment system that actually works: Proactiv+. - Author: Adam Levine
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