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#1. I'm not as focused on my acting career as I have been in the past. - Author: Harry Hamlin
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#2. I don't need a fantasy life as once I did. That is the life of the imagination that I had a great need for. Films were the perfect means for satisfying that need. - Author: Olivia De Havilland
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#3. The fact was, by the time she got to high school, being weird and proud of it was an asset. Suddenly cool, Blue could've happily had any number of friends. And she had tried. But the problem with being weird was that everyone else was 'normal'. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#4. If we really want "Racial Harmony" in this country, it is time we start judging individuals by the standards of their behaviors and by the criteria of the law, not by the pigmentation of their skin or the past sins or struggles of their forefathers. - Author: Henry Johnson Jr
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#5. The objective of our religious foundations is to teach people that they are hurting themselves when they say they believe something. What we should realize is we know almost nothing about God and therefore we should be eager to search and to learn. - Author: John Templeton
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#6. I think it's so important in preschool and in kindergarten and elementary school that we're not biasing ourselves. - Author: Megan Smith
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#7. To break and be able to grow together again in a better way: that is the difficult art. - Author: Asger Jorn
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#8. He had an accent. A British one. There was something about a British accent that had always made me quiver deep down inside and touched me in places a regular New England accent just couldn't reach. - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
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#9. So are you conscious?" The alien robot - the skin the Miller construct was using - shrugged. It was strange how well the gesture translated. "Don't know. Seems like I'm acing my Turing test, though. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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