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Top 15 Accidentally Pregnant Quotes

#1. I'm always wondering if he'll return. Sometimes I pray that he doesn't. And sometimes I hope he will. I wish on falling stars and eyelashes. Absence isn't solid the way death is. It's fluid, like language. And it hurts so much ... so, so much. - Author: Jacqueline Woodson
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#2. The force of necessity is irresistible. - Author: Aeschylus
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#3. I call TVs 'erasers' because they have not only wiped away the entire human experience to date, but whatever it was they were wetting their pants about only fifteen minutes earlier. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#4. The absence on the panel of anyone who could become pregnant accidentally or discover her salary was five thousand dollars a yearless than that of her male counterpart meant there was a hole in the consciousness of the committee that empathy, however welcome, could not entirely fill. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#5. We only need to be lucky once. You need to be lucky every time. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#6. There are certain things in life that just suck. Pouring a big bowl of Lucky Charms before realizing the milk is expired, the word 'moist,' falling face-first into the salad bar in front of the entire lacrosse team ... - Author: Lauren Morrill
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#7. Sometimes, I cry because I'm sad, and sometimes, I cry just because it's just emotional and it's super awesome. - Author: Betsy Beers
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#8. Israel produces more conceptual products than any other country. - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
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#9. Mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical. - Author: Thomas De Quincey
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#10. I grew up in a family where many of our close friends were gay couples. As well as that, every man goes through a period of thinking they're attracted to another guy. - Author: Jake Gyllenhaal
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#11. He [A. J. Balfour] was eminently one of the Cole Porter school of famous men, who only fell to rise again. Picking himself up and brushing himself down became a minor art form, ruefully admired by his contemporaries. - Author: Arthur Balfour
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#12. Grief isn't something you can finish; it isn't something with a beginning and an end. Grief is something you absorb, something you accept. But in order to learn to live with it, you still have to live. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#13. When a stray animal crosses your path, it may be as close to God as you're going to get in this lifetime. - Author: Kinky Friedman
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#14. The best part is not the biggest, it's the one that's most memorable. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#15. But the upside of painful knowledge is so much greater than the downside of blissful ignorance. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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