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#1. One uproar after another, every day. Like the whole world's turned upside down. Don't you feel bad that you're missing out? The world isn't that easily turned upside down, Haida replied. It's people who are turned upside down. I don't feel bad about missing that. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#2. If you want to believe in reincarnation, you have to believe that this life, what you're living through right now, is the afterlife. You're missing out on the afterlife you looked forward to in your last existence by worrying about your next life. This is what happens after you die. Take a look. - Author: Brad Warner
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#3. They can go about collecting every material thing of worldly value, but they're missing everything that truly counts. When you've got nothing else, family means everything to you. - Author: Megan Thomason
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#4. You're talking about the whole 'completing each other' thing, and I hate that. It's such Hollywood bullshit. We don't complete each other - no two people do. We just highlight what's missing. We're just two incomplete people. - Author: Stephen Emond
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#5. I wanted to have more songs with religious backgrounds. The Christmas record has strong, traditional hymns, but it also has a song called 'Christmas in Heaven' about missing someone that you love that's passed on, and wondering what's going on up there on Christmas. - Author: Scotty McCreery
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#6. The missing crowds make you lonely. You begin to complain about all the people you could be meeting. But no one listens or sympathizes with you, because this is precisely what you chose when you were alive. - Author: David Eagleman
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#7. Now let me teach you another thing about my daughter. I love her very much but she has the ability to hide as expertly as a sock in a washing machine. No one knows where it goes, just as no one knows where she goes, but at least when she decides to come back, we're all here, waiting for her. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#8. You were born into this life equipped to succeed. You are a part of God's perfect plan. Yes, you. The plan would not be perfect if you were missing. Think about that. You matter more than you know. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#9. Sometimes you might miss that person, sometimes you'll feel like running back to them ... sometimes you'll suffer from unbearable pain but sometimes you have to forget what you feel. And simply remember what you deserve, smile and move on! - Author: Nehali Lalwani
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#10. Tizitash zeweter wode ene eye metah. I can't help thinking about you. - Author: Abraham Verghese
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#11. Ninety-five percent of the trading errors you are likely to make - causing the money to just evaporate before your eyes - will stem from your attitudes about being wrong, losing money, missing out, and leaving money on the table. What I call the four primary trading fears. - Author: Mark Douglas
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#12. The reason to consider life and what's of value is to make sure you're not missing out. Seize the day. What's important to you? What do you care about? What matters? Pursue that, forget the rest. - Author: Brittany Maynard
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#13. Once you learn what life is about, there is no way to erase that knowledge. If you try to do something else with your life, you will always sense that you are missing something - Author: James Redfield
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#14. Missing out on some opportunity never bothers us. What's wrong with someone getting a little richer than you? It's crazy to worry about this ... - Author: Charlie Munger
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#15. Driving to class with him. All I could think about was that it had been three days since I'd touched his face AND HE SEEMED so fine. I said, to him "you seem like you didn't miss a beat." He looked at me and said Sabrina, I've missed so many beats, I've MADE A RhytHM. - Author: Sabrina Ward Harrison
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#16. Don't be so bitter about a bad experience from your past that you miss the opportunities in front of you. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#17. In mid-February, when she turned ten, Liesel was given a used doll that had a missing leg and yellow hair. "It was the best we could do," Papa apologized. "What are you talking about? She's lucky to have that much," Mama corrected him. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#18. If you play it safe every time, then you're missing the best part of acting. You haven't learned anything about your humanity. - Author: Brit Marling
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#19. If you think about shortages, you're going to attract more shortage! If you think about what's missing, you're going to attract more of what's missing in your life. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#20. That's why I hadn't talked to you for a while. But man, did I miss hearing your sweet voice." Sandy was surprised. Mark was never the type to talk about "missing" anything, - Author: Kim Brooks
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#21. All your seriousness is about sandcastles. And you yourself will leave them one day, trampling them down, and you will not look back. The people who take it seriously miss the beauty of playfulness. - Author: Rajneesh
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#22. It's not hard to read about death abstractly. I do find it tough when a character I love dies, of course. You can truly miss characters. Not like you miss people, but you can still miss them. - Author: Will Schwalbe
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#23. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don't worry about missing out. You'll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#24. I guess by now I should know enough about loss to realize that you never really stop missing someone-you just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#25. I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through - Author: Colbie Caillat
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#26. I won't let you have it. I won't give you this moment. I won't let you fill up this valuable organ ... I own it. I won't do it. I can't think, I won't think about it. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
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#27. There are a lot of people missing in Iraq. Just the other day I heard of somebody asking $250,000 ransom for an Egyptian. Can you imagine? An Egyptian. That's inflation. This war," he said, leaning closer to her, "is all about money. - Author: Leslie Cockburn
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#28. There's nothing I miss about anything in the whole wide world. The idea of missing something means you're not living in the moment. Every moment is good for something. - Author: Ricky Williams
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#29. If you read 'Lord of the Rings' and dismiss it as a lie because it has orcs and elves, you're missing the whole point of the story. If children don't have to be concerned about strangers because there's no such thing as a Big Bad Wolf dressed like Granny, you're missing the point. - Author: Doug TenNapel
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#30. The missing piece in his stomach hurt so much-and eventually he stopped thinking about the Theorem and wondered only how something that isn't there can hurt you. - Author: John Green
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#31. There's something that happens with the collection of a large amount of data when it's dumped into an Excel spreadsheet or put into a pie chart. You run the risk of completely missing what it's about. - Author: Aaron Koblin
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#32. How is it that I am completely naked while you haven't shed even one stitch of clothing?"
"Because you were dinner, Rebecca."
A snort escaped, mixing with her laughter. "Remind me to have dinner with you more often. I have been missing out."
"You? What about me? - Author: Krystal Shannan
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#33. I've barely ever thought about Him ... That doesn't mean he hasn't thought about you. You own a piece of God's heart, like a piece of puzzle that's missing. A piece nobody else can fill. - Author: Julie Lessman
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#34. Men are always complaining about how difficult it is to understand women but I think it is the other way round. Men clan up and do not express what they feel. Then they suddenly stop all communication with you and vanish. All you can do is wait. I wish men came with instruction manual. - Author: Preeti Shenoy
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#35. There's much talk in popular culture about finding
happiness - as though if you aren't grinning ear to
ear 24 hours a day you're somehow missing out on
life. - Author: Rachel C. Weingarten
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#36. Spending time looking for what is missing in your life is futile; if you fail to look within yourself. When we challenge everything we believe we are, we reveal that which we never knew about our own selves. - Author: Nicolas G. Janovsky
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#37. Zen phrase says The instant you speak about a thing you miss the mark. - Author: Fritjof Capra
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#38. If you worry about missing the boat, remember the Titanic! - Author: Sid Bolon
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#39. Don't spend your energy and time worrying about where you're going after this life. You'll only end up missing out on this life. Then what's the point? - Author: Dennis M. Dupuis
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#40. You know, I tried not to think of this place. I tried to let it go. To leave it behind. But it always came back to me, in my dreams. I'd dream about these details, these objects and people and places I'd left behind, and I'd wake up crying. - Author: Danzy Senna
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#41. When you are not missing something, longing for something, you don't really think about it that much. It's like that girlfriend you don't want to have anymore. You don't think about her anymore. Or ex-husband. You just don't. - Author: Danica Patrick
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#42. Michael Winter's fiction is a lot like hearing him talk about his life ... harrowing in an after-the-fact hilarious way. Full of wonder and mystery. A hangover you wouldn't miss for the world. - Author: Michael Crummey
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#43. What you think about expands. If your thoughts are centered on what's missing, then what's missing, by definition, will have to expand. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#44. I don't skip practice, I'm not late for meetings, I'm professional in everything I do, you never hear about me not showing up for planes and missing flights, so why is it that I'm always being labeled a bad guy? - Author: Jeff Cunningham
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#45. Do you know what I miss the most? That night."
My heart skips a beat, aching in sudden sadness. "And what about the girl you once sat beside, on that night? Do you miss her too?"
"She is still here," he answers. "That is why I stay. - Author: Marie Lu
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#46. It's all right to change your mind about a situation, even if it's in mid-course without fear that you're missing something. You know, if you're not there, it's not happening for you at that time. All you're doing is changing direction. - Author: Art Hochberg
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#47. I enjoyed being in California for a while. But that's the thing about London: you can't really shake it. I've always had the impression when I was in L.A. for long periods of time that simultaneously my life was happening somewhere else, and I'm missing it. - Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor
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#48. One day I will write the story of our service in the Faith. I feel our Order has been sadly missing in recording its history. Do you know we are the only Order not to have its own library? (Caenis, about the Book of the Five Brothers) - Author: Anthony Ryan
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#49. It's the person that calls you up because they're eating at 'our favorite spot,' and it made them think of you and miss being there with you. That's a friend, to me. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#50. If you are thinking about, talking about, and spending energy on what is missing in your life, what is wrong, what you don't like, or what always has been, then you are going to continue to attract those things into your life. We become what we think about. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#51. Childbirth is at best necessary and tolerable. It is not fun.
(Like shitting a pumpkin, a friend of mine told me when I inquired about the Great-Experience-You-Are-Missing.) - Author: Shulamith Firestone
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#52. you'll drive yourself crazy if you live your life constantly thinking about what's missing in your life. Celebrate what you have. Appreciate it. Make the most of it. - Author: Kate Willoughby
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#53. It's like you wanting to marry Miss World and she doesn't want you, what can I do about it? I can try to help you, but if she does not want to marry you what can I do? - Author: Arsene Wenger
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#54. But that's the thing about judgment, if you give your initial opinion of someone too much weight and accept it as fact before really taking the time to really get to know someone, you risk missing out on a lot. - Author: Hannah Hart
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#55. I'm standing here saying that those who miss the boat now, will miss it forever. So if you want to be in Africa, think about investing. - Author: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
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#56. Realize the complicated specials of what we call the "inferiority complex." In other words, what, Miss Thing, is so damn special about you to make you feel so specially inferior to any other jerk? - Author: Perry Brass
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#57. Every entrepreneur talks about the passion you have for your work, and I think that's what's missing with a lot of women in business. - Author: Martha Stewart
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#58. If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments. - Author: Steven Wright
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#59. If you judge everything by how photographically real it looks, then you're missing out on a lot of what art is about and what communication is. There are ambiguities in life, and that should be reflected in art, cinema, and storytelling, I think. - Author: Ben Wheatley
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#60. So back over the sledding hill, across the iced-up pond, past the snowman with the funny hat, under the giant shimmering icicles and up the snowy back lane back to you; yes YOU,are you missing out on anything right NOW while thinking about tomorrow? - Author: Sarah Lawrence
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#61. They make a fuss about Hogsmeade, but I assure you, Harry, it's not all it's cracked up to be. All right, the sweetshop's rather good, and Zonko's Joke Shop's frankly dangerous, and yes, the Shrieking Shack is always worth a visit, but really, Harry, apart from that, you're not missing anything. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#62. What they never tell you about grief is that missing someone is the simple part. - Author: Gail Caldwell
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#63. Are you about to have sex in my bathroom?"
Without missing a beat, Kellan responded with, "Yes," and started closing the door. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#64. That's the funny thing about life...you don't know you're missing something. Then when you get it, you don't know what you'd do without it. - Author: D.K. Hamilton
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#65. But I just felt at one point that I was on a hamster wheel, you know? Just doing movie after movie and thinking so much about career related things and I think missing out on hanging with my friends and family as much I needed to. - Author: Woody Harrelson
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#66. Profit for a company is like oxygen for a person. If you don't have enough of it, you're out of the game. But if you think your life is about breathing, you're really missing something. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#67. We are all hurting and missing people. Everyone is scared, so you can't talk about your worries because worries are everywhere. When everyone you know is on the verge of drowning, you don't stop to tell the person next to you that you don't like swimming.
You just don't. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#68. It's our job to pass on our wisdom about life to our kids. I'm really afraid she's missing out on something essential. The exposure to different subjects, different ways of thinking, the challenges, opportunities, the people you meet. - Author: Lisa Genova
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#69. The thing about that singles apartment is you never had to clean it up ... until the day you got the security deposit back. You're arguing with the landlord ... 'No sir, the back door was missing when we moved in here! The pizzas were always on the ceiling!' - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#70. When things ain't going right, something is missing, which you only need to fill up.
Think about that. Alas !! - Author: Bharat Budhani
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#71. I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot ... when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result. - Author: Michael Jordan
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#72. If you don't have the ambition to be the very best at what you do, then what's the point? If you aim for greatness but keep missing -- fine. At least you had the guts to aim. There's honour in failing that way. But there's nothing honourable about settling for mediocrity. - Author: Benjamin Wood
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#73. If you're always worried about being on your phone, then you really are missing out on everything that's happening in front of you. - Author: Vanessa Hudgens
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#74. There was something missing inside me I was trying to fill up, but I went about doing it the wrong way. But there sure isn't anything missing inside me now, because you're there. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#75. I'd do the lifting, but I just got a manicure. And I notice you don't have a manicure at all. Only thing noticeable about your hands is the missing tan on your ring finger that I don't care about. -Lula - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#76. Being a female director become as professional as your male colleagues and forget the whole question about being female. You are female anyway and it is going to work in your favor. The scope of female professional superiority can be understood by so few men that mostly they do not miss it. - Author: Pirjo Honkasalo
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#77. I miss that moment when you're about to go through the tube turn-style but you put your ticket in the wrong way and then as you're trying to figure out how exactly to get in the damn station you hear a collective sigh of 40 people behind you pissed that you're slowing down the herd. - Author: Dan Mangan
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#78. The thing that I've always been slightly frustrated with, was that the idea of a CD is kind of confined to a material possession that you can put on a shelf. And the idea of music, for me, is always about both the communication and the sharing of content. And so the interactive part is missing. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
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#79. I like to have songs with me that have substance. That's missing from a lot of today's music. You might hear a song with a catchy beat, but what's it about? It's not empowering or helping anyone. - Author: Jennifer Hudson
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#80. It's mind-boggling when you think about how important it is to do what you feel is right. You don't know what you'll be missing when you make a bad choice. - Author: Jay Alton
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#81. You went back to Tokyo just about the time the autumn weather was deepening, so for a time I couldn't tell whether the hole that opened up inside me was from missing you or from the change of the season. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#82. If you care about the 2012 election and value the voices of regular Americans who lost hope in their hope and change candidate, this is one documentary you won't want to miss. - Author: Jedediah Bila
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#83. There's something so terrible about wanting something you've already had. You know exactly what you're missing. Your body knows precisely how to shape itself around the ache, the hollowness that wants to be filled - Author: Leah Raeder
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#84. If loving and communing with God isn't your primary purpose in prayer, you're missing out on what Christianity is all about! - Author: Andrew Wommack
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#85. Maybe that's the thing I'd been missing about love. You don't withhold it or partition it out when it's deserved. You can't control it like that. - Author: Penelope Douglas
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#86. You're going to realize what a pain in the ass I was, and then you'll forget all about missing me," I said into his ear.
He puffed a breath of air as he rubbed my back. "Promise? - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#87. When you talk about an injury and the kind of depression you go through, it's not just because you're out of shape and you can't go out and play. You're missing a part of you. That's what's painful. That's what hurts. - Author: Jamila Wideman
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#88. I'm a really sensitive person. I cry if I miss a cab. I've always worn my emotions on my sleeve. I think it makes life so much better when you can talk about anything. - Author: Michael Keaton
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#89. If you run an Internet search on Vietnam and the war, most of the information you get begins at about 1962. I think this is telling. It is missing the whole period that led up to the reasons the war happened in the first place. - Author: Brendan Fraser
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#90. About Tommy, you went through your whole life craving these little pockets of time and missing them for more time than you had them. - Author: Lily Gardner
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#91. If you were to skip your time with God, would you be more concerned about missing the mark or missing God? - Author: Vicki Courtney
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#92. This is what they don't tell you about losing someone: It doesn't happen once. It happens every day, every moment they're missing from. You lose them a hundred times between waking and sleep, and even sleep is no respite, because you lose them in your dreams, too. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#93. Haven't I proved to you yet that I don't give a damn about your missing parts? - Author: RaeAnne Thayne
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#94. You know, we're missing so much as African-Americans and we should be concerned about what's going on in Africa. - Author: Chris Tucker
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#95. You wouldn't believe the things that go missing in these labs. Remind me to tell you the story about the radioactive spider sometime. - Author: Deborah Blake
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#96. If you obsess about the next, you will miss what you need in the now and ultimately, sacrifice the next. - Author: Ken Coleman
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#97. What's upsetting about an autobiography is that the final chapter is always missing. I mean, you want the death, don't you? - Author: Ian McKellen
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#98. Changing what you don't like about yourself can be empowering, and that's not a bad thing. Feeling secure enough to own what is weak and missing from either your body, mind or spirit and to commit to action to change it is a good thing. - Author: Teri Hatcher
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#99. That's the strange thing about being a mother: until you have a baby, you don't even realize how much you were missing one - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#100. But as was so often the case, it was the one person missing who you thought about more than the ones who were right in front of you. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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