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#1. With his final blow delivered, he pulls me up toward him, first by my hips, and then by my hair. Groping my breasts and kissing me, he is full of congratulations.
'Well done, Megan, you took your punishment well. Now it's time for your reward. - Author: Felicity Brandon
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#2. I think that we live in a moment in time where people have a lot of information about a lot of people kind of instantly, but it's all sort of surface information and it doesn't really mean anything. - Author: Jon Hamm
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#3. Sure I was glad to see John Wayne win the Oscar I'm always glad to see the fat lady win the Cadillac on TV, too. - Author: Robert Mitchum
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#4. It is to be observed that every case of war averted is a gain in general, for it helps to form a habit of peace, and community habits long continued become standards of conduct. - Author: Elihu Root
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#5. God doesn't want your careful virtue, He wants your reckless generosity. - Author: Francis Spufford
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#6. Thefts never enrich; alms never impoverish; murder will speak out of stone walls. The least admixture of a lie-for example, the taint of vanity, the least attempt to make a good impression, a favorable appearance-will instantly vitiate the effect. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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