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#1. During my school and college days, the three Khans - Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh - were superstars for me and will always be. Their movies were eagerly awaited every Friday. - Author: Shahid Kapoor
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#2. Our society covers these problems with a veil. All I want is an open discussion - Author: Aamir Khan
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#3. I am happy that I have entertained people and made them happy. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#4. I personally feel that I should support people who are doing good work and people should also support such good work. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#5. Mammootty sir is an idol for me.. His uniqueness in developing characters is quite amazing - Author: Aamir Khan
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#6. The truth is that every book we read, like every person we meet, has the capacity to change our lives. And though we can be sure our children will meet people, we must, must create, these days, their chance to meet books. - Author: Susan Cooper
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#7. I'm a big fan of Aamir Khan ... Among actresses, I like Aishwarya Rai. - Author: Virat Kohli
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#8. The experience of getting my Kriya, which is the meditation process that I do, was very powerful for me - though, as I explain in the book, I was really suspect of that kind of thing. - Author: Mariel Hemingway
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#9. I Am More Spiritual Than Religious; Besides I Am Not A Fanatic - Author: Aamir Khan
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#10. Initially, I wanted to do films with A-list actors when I was struggling. I was hoping that I could also get that platform where I'm launched with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan ... and with them my career could also start, but it didn't happen. And then came 'Queen.' - Author: Kangana Ranaut
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#11. When I was new, I didn't know where my career will go. Initially, my films were not even successful, but then I learned a lot from my mistakes. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#12. Aamir Khan told me that I was doing Sameer's character all wrong in Dil Chahta Hai - Author: Saif Ali Khan
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#13. Badminton is like ballet dancing. It requires a lot of control, strength, mind play and measured movement - Author: Aamir Khan
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#14. The journey that I have undertaken, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been my biggest achievement. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#15. Aamir discussed the emotional journey he embarks on with each film. - Author: Anupama Chopra
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#16. I do what I feel is right. I am not scared to walk on the new path and take risk. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#17. I would love to work with Salman. We have a great tuning so if we work together, it will be great fun. But till the time we don't get a good script, a script that excites both of us, we can't work together. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#18. Shammiji is said to be India's answer to Elvis Presley, but I say that Elvis Presley is America's answer to Shammi Kapoor. The mark of a good actor is the belief with which he gives a shot and Shammiji gave his each shot with a strong belief and that makes him a great actor of all times. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#19. I enjoy thelove I receive from my fans and my audience. But I think I know what is realfor me and what is not. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#20. A child, I'm miserable admitting it, a child stands like a priest under his father's sky. Why do you fate me to fail you? - Author: Denis Johnson
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#21. The last Bollywood movie I watched was 3 Idiots that featured Aamir Khan in it. It was impressive! - Author: Brad Pitt
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#22. With every little bit of change we make in our lives, we can maximize that small change simply by asking ourselves: 'What's next? What can I do now? What additional responsibility can I take on?' - Author: Yehuda Berg
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#23. I am raising my voice as a citizen of the country. I don?t want to enter politics. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#24. I'm not a period babe. Not at all. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#25. SAUNTERING, which word is beautifully derived "from idle people who roved about the country, in the Middle Ages, and asked charity, under pretense of going a la Sainte Terre," to the Holy Land, till the children exclaimed, "There goes a Sainte-Terrer," a Saunterer, a Holy-Lander. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#26. Apart from the National Film Awards, I don't see any other award ceremony that I should give value
to. My personal experience about these award ceremonies is that I don't trust them. I have no faith
in them so I would prefer to stay away. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#27. It's a great responsibility before God, the judge who guides us, who draws us to truth and good, and in this sense the church must unmask evil, rendering present the goodness of God, rendering present his truth, the truly infinite for which we are thirsty. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#28. Education is education, be it verbal or written. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#29. I have had unsuccessful films, but I learned a lot from those films. I give my failures as much importance as my success. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#30. If there is Katrina Kaif in any film, the movie is a hit - Author: Aamir Khan
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#31. I'm not obliged to defend your dignity. Provided you have any. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#32. I do what I feel is right. I do not fear to walk on a new path and take risk. - Author: Aamir Khan
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#33. I love all those who understand my care. - Author: Waqar Aamir Katiar
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#34. I am not as intelligent as Aamir Khan . I am barely managing to be in front of the camera. There are many people who know marketing well and surely Aamir knows much more than I do. - Author: Amitabh Bachchan
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#35. I'm a huge Aamir Khan fan. I love Aamir, so everything he does is brilliant. We expect something different from somebody like Aamir, whether it's in promotion, or whether it's in a film, and plus it has RajKumar Hirani. - Author: Kareena Kapoor
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