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Top 13 70s Rock Song Quotes

#1. With your talents and industry, with science, and that steadfast honesty, which eternally pursues right, regardless of consequences, you may promise yourself everything but health, without which there is no happiness. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#2. It doesn't matter who gets what. It's just a matter of doing what it takes to win. - Author: Pau Gasol
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#3. I never said Well, I don't have this and I don't have that. I said, I don't have this yet, but I'm going to get it. - Author: Tina Turner
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#4. People love to compare the worst of themselves to animals: dumb as an ox, fat as a pig, lame as a duck. Maybe animals see our shortcomings the same way: boneheaded as a human. - Author: Bruce Edwards
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#5. Little closer, as if I hadn't quite heard him. I leaned at an angle five degrees less acute than the waitress had. - What's that? - I was wondering if there's a melody in there. - It just went out for a smoke. It'll be back in a minute. But I take it that you don't - Author: Amor Towles
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#6. I have been doing music all my life so everyday when I get up I expect music will be part of it. - Author: George Benson
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#7. But the praises of father or mother do our Selves good, and comfort them and make them beautiful. - Author: George MacDonald
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#8. I would like a nice, powerful, mind-altering substance. Preferably one that will make my unborn children grow gills. - Author: Parker Posey
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#9. Love makes you stupid. Love makes you weak. Love will kill you all one day, and it's going to kill you today. - Author: J.X. Burros
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#10. The frankest and freest product of the human mind and heart is a love letter; the writer gets his limitless freedom of statement and expression from his sense that no stranger is going to see what he is writing. - Author: Mark Twain
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#11. Your mission isn't your guide. You have to find your own way. - Author: Yellow Tanabe
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#12. I guess I'm thinking of myself here. I am tired. I am the one who asks, is death only the frozen image we have of the animal's body?...Maybe roadkills are more than they seem. Messages... - Author: Jennifer Lynch
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#13. But there is in everything a reasonable division of labour. I have written the book, and nothing on earth would induce me to read it. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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