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Top 16 30 Is The New 20 Quotes

#1. I don't like to dwell on the past. I'm interested in Fischerandom now, I am working on a new clock, I'm trying to make chess a more exciting game today. I am not interested in sitting in my rocking chair thinking what I did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. - Author: Bobby Fischer
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#2. You have to believe in yourself and you have to take risks. You know how people say 30 is new 20 and 40 is new 30? Well I think essentially what that's telling us is there are so many opportunities out there, you don't have to rush into something. - Author: Jay Ellis
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#3. Blending hard-bitten realism with long-view optimism, Obama said that every 20 or 30 years brings a new cycle of pessimism in America. - Author: Ron Fournier
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#4. Those of you who speak only English, applaud [audience applause]. Those of you who speak only Spanish, applaud [audience applause]. [In mock incredulity] Then how do you know what I just said? - Author: Gloria Estefan
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#5. Once everyone is connected to everyone and everything else, nothing matters anymore. If everyone in the world is your Facebook friend, then why have any Facebook friends at all? We're back where we started. The ultimate complexity is just another entropy. - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
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#6. If she'd just kept her mouth shut, she would have been perfect, but no ... - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#7. Today's limit ain't the same as tomorrow's. - Author: Toba Beta
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#8. My good friends, while I do most earnestly recommend you to take care of your health and safety, as things most precious to us, I would not have that care degenerate into an effeminate and over-curious attention, which is always disgraceful to a man's self, and often troublesome to others. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#9. It's time for a 21st-century retirement age. If 40 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 30, why shouldn't 70 be the new 65? The last time Washington politicians tinkered ever so gingerly with the government-sanctioned retirement age, Ronald Reagan was in office and Generation X-ers were all in diapers. - Author: Michelle Malkin
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#10. Happiness, you see, its just an illusion of Fate, a heavenly sleight of hand designed to make you believe in fairy tales. But there's no happily ever after. You'll only find happy endings in books. Some books. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#11. I don't take good pictures 'cause I have the kind of beauty that moves. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#12. May I always have a heart superior, with economy suitable, to my fortune. - Author: William Shenstone
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#13. In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body - Author: Joseph Pilates
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#14. She had long accepted the fact that happiness is like swallows in Spring. It may come and nest under your eaves or it may not. You cannot command it. When you expect to be happy you are not, when you don't expect to be happy there's suddenly Easter in your soul, though it be midwinter. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
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#15. Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life. - Author: Nicolas Chamfort
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#16. Animals are neither gods nor fiends, but men in their way without the lust and greed of man. - Author: Robert E. Howard
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