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Top 10 2000 Movie Quotes

#1. Ife can sure be a downer. - Author: Beatrice Sparks
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#2. You are already broke and don't even know it. - Author: Ben Feldman
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#3. Love covers all shortcomings and failures, overlooks one's mistakes and does not bring to mind one's past mistakes - My Last Letter, Chapter 1 - Author: Santosh Avvannavar
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#4. James Woods is great. I actually did a movie with James Woods in 2000: 'John Q.' - Author: Kevin Connolly
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#5. There was one vampire movie that Gerard Butler was in, 'Dracula 2000,' and they touched on something interesting, but it only worked in the context of that particular movie, which was that the original vampire was Judas. - Author: Amy Heckerling
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#6. As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. - Author: James Madison
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#7. How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense, - Author: Franz Kafka
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#8. The man-worshipers, in my sense of the term, are those who see man's highest potential and strive to actualize it. The man-haters are those who regard man as a helpless, depraved, contemptible creature-and struggle never to let him discover otherwise. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#9. Kam," Kiaran says, his eyes never leaving Derrick. "Control your pixie." "Control me?" A wee blade is suddenly in Derrick's hand. "I'm going to gut you, you sonofa - - Author: Elizabeth May
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#10. Only, so far, it was like a bunch of lizards watching the World Cup. Politely put, they weren't sure what they were looking at. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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