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Top 49 1-3 Word Quotes

#1. How do we counter the trend of worldliness? We must saturate our minds, hearts, and souls with God's Word. The Bible says, "Train yourself to be godly" (1 Timothy 4:7). - Author: Billy Graham
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#2. James 1:22 is the theme verse of the entire book of James. It says, But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. - Author: David Platt
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#3. The fact that the Hebrew word 'adam', meaning 'man', is identical with Adam as the name of the father of Seth plays a fundamental role in fusing the three stories (Gen 2:7-3:24, 4:1, 4:25 and 5:1) in one. - Author: Kamal Salibi
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#4. Remember ... that you are redeemed of the Lord [Ephesians 1:7]-that you are bought with a price [1 Corinthians 6:20], even the inestimable price of the precious blood of the Son of God ... Acquaint yourselves with Him in His word and holy ordinances. - Author: William Samuel Johnson
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#5. ELECTION (Gk. eklog, "choice," a "picking out"). Bible Meaning. This word in the Scriptures has three distinct applications. (1) To the divine choice of nations or communities for the possession of special - Author: Merrill F. Unger
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#6. At $4 trillion, and roughly only $55 billion in equity, the Fed is leveraged about 77-to-1. They define the word leverage - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
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#7. Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath. - Author: Robert J. Morgan
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#8. Whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked. 1 JOHN 2:5-6 - Author: Stormie O'martian
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#9. When you go through a process of #1 praying daily and staying in God's word #2 obey Him in the small decisions every day #3 ask advice from a number of spiritual counselors then you can step out peacefully knowing that pleasing God is all that matters. America was built on this attitude. - Author: Mary Engelbreit
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#10. I'm a fast writer, and crime novels are easy to do. It's much harder to write a 1,000 word article, where everything has to be 100 per cent correct. - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#11. In grades 1 through 4 these books introduce the child to U.S. society - to family life, community activities, ordinary economic transactions, and some history. None of the books covering grades 1 through 4 contain one word referring to any religious activity in contemporary American life. - Author: Paul Vitz
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#12. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us" -St. John 1:14-
"I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details" -Einstein-
"It's not who you know, It's 'You Know Who!" -GoldenEagle- - Author: 1 St. John 2 Einstein 3 GoldenEagle
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#13. The Word frees us from smallness of mind (1 Kings 4:29) and from threatening confinements (Psalm 18:19). - Author: John Piper
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#14. Its message is the story's two theological affirmations: (1) God's word is truthful and authoritative; and (2) the fulfillment of his promise of land is coming to pass. - Author: Kenneth A. Mathews
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#15. Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you" (1 Pet. 5:7). (The German word for worry means "to strangle." The Greek word means "to divide the mind." Both are accurate. Worry is a noose on the neck and a distraction of the mind, neither of which is befitting for joy.) - Author: Max Lucado
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#16. You may not know me, but I know everything about you. - Psalms 139:1 - Author: Anonymous
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#17. So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the Word which implanted and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls. James 1:21 - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#18. Let's not merely contemplate the Word of God in the world around us; let's do what it says (see James 1:22-25). - Author: David Platt
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#19. Fill my mouth with the accuracy and potency of Your word and Spirit that I may make war through prayer with swift precision (Psalm 144:1). - Author: Shawntel Jefferson
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#20. Medieval anatomists called women's external genitals the "pudendum," a word derived from the Latin pudere, meaning "to make ashamed." Our genitalia were thus named "from the shamefacedness that is in women to have them seen."1 - Author: Emily Nagoski
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#21. Then he lets go and walks down the path, without another word. He doesn't look back. But I watch him go. I watch him all the way home. - Author: Allie Condie In Matched
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#22. People seem to think there's a magic formula to writing, i just write 1 word at a time. - Author: Stephen King
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#23. Tip #1: Let's Retire the Word Retire! - Author: Mary Helen Conroy
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#24. The flesh does not by its own virtue purify, but is purified by virtue of the Word by which it was assumed, when 'the Word became flesh and dwelt among us' (Jn. 1:14). - Author: Saint Augustine
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#25. A drawing begins with 1 line; a story begins with 1 word; a dream begins with 1 idea, and they all die with 1 doubt. Believe in yourself. - Author: Giuseppe Bianco
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#26. Rule #1 of Traveling-
Don't even think of answering questions that contain the word "plan"? - Author: Sanhita Baruah
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#27. Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers. (James 1:22 NRSV) - Author: John Ortberg
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#28. A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (Proverbs 15:1) - Author: Anonymous
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#29. The four-step strategy that the Laptop Millionaire taught me was very simple: 1. Find a niche market with a problem that needs solving, research some great solutions, and create a Word document with that information in it. This can be a simple 30-page Word document, with one really good idea in it! - Author: Mark Anastasi
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#30. We drove in silence for a while.
"Can I have a gun?" I asked.
"Just a little one? For my handbag? It'll give me some street cred with the client."
"No! No! No!"
His clenched fists pounded the steering wheel with each word.
- heller 1 - Author: J.D. Nixon
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#31. The key word in Acts 1:3 is alive. Jesus showed Himself alive. Here are some of the infallible proofs He showed to verify His resurrection. - Author: Ralph V. Reynolds
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#32. Jeremiah 1:12 (AMP) says: "Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it. - Author: Aly Taylor
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#33. Not so long ago the Earth numbered 2 billion inhabitants, i.e., 500 million men and 1.5 billion "natives." The first possessed the Word, the others borrowed it. - Author: Frantz Fanon
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#34. The Four Agreements
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. - Author: Miguel Ruiz
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#35. The great preacher Dwight Moody once quipped, "Some day you will read in the papers that D. L. Moody, of East Northfield, is dead. Don't you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I am now."1 - Author: Matt Chandler
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#36. God is a man of His word, He assures us that we'll succeed in every task, every assignment, every dream, every vision He gives us. And always uses catchphrases for us to cling on during tough times. 'Be strong and courageous' (Joshua 1:6). - Author: Euginia Herlihy
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#37. I get so carried away in interviews and deliver 1,500-word treatises, then find it's been reduced to something pithier but also not quite accurate. Although I imagine there are people I work with who wish they could edit me every day. - Author: Bertie Carvel
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#38. He can heal me. I believe He will. I believe I'm going to be an old surely Baptist preacher. And even if He doesn't ... that's the thing: I've read Philippians 1. I know what Paul says. I'm here let's work, if I go home? That's better. I understand that. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#39. It's going to be legen ... wait for it ... and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant cause the second half of that word is ... dairy! - Author: Barney Stinson
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#40. Three means by which God assures us that we do have eternal life: 1. The promises of His Word, 2. The witness of the Spirit in our hearts, 3. The transforming work of the Spirit in our lives. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#41. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. - Author: Anonymous
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#42. God regenerates (John 1:13) according to His will (James 1:18) through the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit (John 3:5) when a person believes (John 1:12) the gospel as revealed in the Word of God (1 Peter 1:23). - Author: Charles C. Ryrie
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#43. Whoever keeps His word, truly in him the love of God is perfected. 1 John 2:5 - Author: Beth Moore
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#44. 1 aIn the bbeginning was the Word, and the cWord was with God, and the dWord was eGod. - Author: Anonymous
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#45. What, then, is good preaching? Let me pull all these ideas together into a single description. It is "proclaim[ing]. . . . the testimony of God" (1 Corinthians 2:1) - preaching biblically, engaging with the authoritative text. This means preaching the Word and not your opinion. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#46. Scripture is not a concept; scripture is a person (John 1:1,14). When you stand before the Word of God, you are not merely encountering a concept; you are standing face-to-face with God. - Author: Henry Blackaby
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#47. Again, "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17), and here the word to pray does not mean to beg or to plead as if God were unwilling to give
but simply to expose by faith every situation as it arises, to the all-sufficiency of the One who indwells you by His life. - Author: W. Ian Thomas
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#48. A woman in Germany gave birth to a 13 1/2 pound baby. That baby was so fat his first word was strudel. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#49. We Jews created the concept of good luck. Luck in Hebrew is mazel, which is not actually a word. It is an acronym for three words:
1. makom = place
2. zman = time
3. lamud = work - Author: Celso Cukierkorn
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