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#1. There are some people who love being a something, but I also got the gist in the 60's when I grew up that you could be, in the art scene, very diverse. - Author: Charlemagne Palestine
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#2. A great sports car that goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds is just a fact. To the wrong audience, it's irrelevant. But to the right audience, it's a passion. - Author: David Brier
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#3. At Cornell University, it was well known that after five years on Wall Street, you could expect to be making half a million a year in salary and bonus; after 10 years, you could expect a million or more. I had 60 grand of university debt, and my parents had no retirement. I needed that money. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#4. A reduction of meat consumption by only 10% would result in about 12 million more tons of grain for human consumption. This additional grain could feed all of the humans across the world who starve to death each year- about 60 million people! - Author: Marc Bekoff
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#5. We think they should pay €60 for being so stupid. - Author: Michael O'Leary
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#6. I'm amazed. When I was 40, I thought I'd never make 50. And at 50 I thought the frosting on the cake would be 60. At 60, I was still going strong and enjoying everything. - Author: Gloria Stuart
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#7. Give me 30 days, I'll change your body. Give me 60 days , I'll change your life - Author: Bikram Choudhury
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#8. Every year, once a year, in Maryland, I go for a week and overnight camp with about 50 to 60 kids with muscular dystrophy, all ages, seven to 21. And it is really fun. I have some great friends there and wonderful counselors. - Author: Mattie Stepanek
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#9. I like Dr. Daniel Amen's 18/40/60 Rule: When you're 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking of you; when you're 40, you don't give a darn what anybody thinks of you; when you're 60, you realize nobody's been thinking about you at all. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#10. I should create a TV show called 61 Minutes. It'll be like 60 Minutes - only more. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#11. I wanted to show I had balls at age 60. Just because society says I'm old, doesn't mean that I am. I'm pursuing happiness, even if it makes the people around me unhappy. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#12. We did a 60 page book in one day. She's one of the most photogenic, easy to shoot, inspiring, extraordinary people in front of the camera who I've ever photographed. Yes Taylor Swift has it all. My goodness that girl has it all, what can I say she's extraordinary. - Author: Nigel Barker
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#13. When I was young, I couldn't imagine women of 60 falling in love. For one thing, people used to stay married; they weren't out in the jungle, searching for romance. Besides, these women just looked so ancient - permed hair, beige cardis. - Author: Deborah Moggach
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#14. I'm 60 years of age. That's 16 Celsius. - Author: George Carlin
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#15. Being a person who has had plastic surgery and goes to the gym five days a week to work my muscles up so they don't look atrophied as a 60-year-old, I don't disparage people who want to maintain their appearance. But what I don't want is a society that tells me I have to. - Author: Faye Wattleton
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#16. I don't have any hesitation saying I've traveled more miles than any human being who ever lived. I've been doing it for 60 years. - Author: Gary Player
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#17. Our planet Earth has a diameter of 0.04 light-seconds. Neptune's orbit spans 8 light-hours. The stars of the Milky Way galaxy delineate a broad, flat disk about 100,000 light-years across. And the Virgo supercluster of galaxies, to which the Milky Way belongs, extends some 60 million light-years. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#18. I do believe 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50. Hell, maybe 60 can be the new 40, I don't know. I believe that when we give ourselves permission, we can live with an excitement and heat and passion that most women in previous generations were unable to attain. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#19. When you turn 60, the key is to not stop moving. Once you start to stop moving, you rust. You got to just keep going. - Author: Christie Brinkley
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#20. In the Senate, where 60 votes are required to do anything important, you have to work with your colleagues on both sides of the aisle. - Author: Lamar Alexander
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#21. Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down.
(CBS 60 Minutes interview, March 6, 1983) - Author: Grace Murray Hopper
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#22. I find this kind of folk with guys in Wellington boots and washboards not good to listen to. That music is one step away from barn dancing as far as I'm concerned. Anyone under the age of 60 should not be wearing Wellington boots on stage. - Author: Johnny Marr
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#23. Consider this on your birthday
You've got life's struggle beaten
For 60 years you've ate
And avoided being eaten - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#24. If you take care of yourself, 60 is nothing for women these days. In today's world you can be the kind of woman you want to be ... Of course, I've aged a bit in the face, but not enough to worry about it. I've common sense enough to know that if I'm nearly 70 something has to give. - Author: Tina Turner
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#25. I think for my bones and my size, I better stay with my 60 kilo. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#26. If a man, in a lifetime of 50 years, can point to six songs that are immediately identifiable, he has achieved something. Irving Berlin can sing 60 that are immediately identifiable. Somebody once said you couldn't have a holiday without his permission. - Author: Sammy Cahn
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#27. When the show opens, fans can text to a number we flash up on the screen, and then we do a meet-and-greet with 60 to 80 people every night. It's something I love doing, and I would say that's probably more fans than most artists bring backstage after a show. - Author: Luke Bryan
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#28. A good army composition is: 10 Giants, 60 Archers, 6-10 Wall Breakers & around 80-ish Goblins. - Author: 2UP GUIDES
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#29. Everything about acting is a challenge. I'm self-conscious. You couldn't do anything to cause me to be more self-conscious than to stick a camera in my face and have 60 people standing behind it, waiting for me to perform. - Author: Billy Campbell
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#30. I'm an elderly gentleman. I haven't been in a fight involving bodily contact in 60 years. Look, I fall trying to put on my underwear in the morning. - Author: Pete Stark
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#31. Today it feels as if rock'n'roll has sort of turned in on its self, kids are 'rockin' to the same groups their parents do/did. We've seen it recently with The Stone Roses reunion shows, quite unique but is it healthy. Wasn't the 60's about rebelling against the tastes of your parents? - Author: Andrew Loog Oldham
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#32. For 60 years you gave chance to Shasaks, now I request you to give a Sevak 60 months. I say give me 60 months and we will give you a life of peace and happiness. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#33. As a matter of policy, increasing taxes on the most economically productive group, which already generates 60 percent of the nation's federal revenues, during a sustained period of economic doldrums is a wretched idea. - Author: John Podhoretz
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#34. I want to write because I have the urge to excel in one medium of translation and expression of life. I can't be satisfied with the colossal job of merely living. Oh, no, I must order life in sonnets and sestinas and provide a verbal reflector for my 60-watt lighted head. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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